About Us

We are mates who are passionate about business and art. In 2014 we decided to join forces and create something unique. After a three day strategic break away and armed with a SWOT analysis and business plan called "Rocky" we approached our wives to get their buy in and the journey started.

It was quite a journey! If you are interested in the detail you are welcome to stop at our Gallery in Tokoroa we can yack about it for hours - especially Dave. It does not take much of an excuse to get the billie on and the cookie jar open! We hope you will be more interested in our products though. 

We make each piece by hand, using wood from the Black Mamaku tree fern and or other reclaimed native timbers.The distinctive patterns in the tree fern is unique to the individual tree almost like nature painted her own tattoo in the wood. These patterns ensure that each product looks one of a kind. Our products are kiln dried, heat treated and safe to export.

Our vision is to make the world more beautiful. New Zealand provides the prefect canvas for an artist, and we incorporate her natural beauty in our designs. The unique textures in our work remind you of New Zealand's rugged landscapes, providing you with a lasting keepsake of your Kiwi holiday. Many of our pieces become treasured gifts that future generations can enjoy as well.

We collaborate with other NZ artists and sometimes display their work on our website and in our Gallery. We are especially intrested in supporting the work of young artists and talented folk who value the sustainability of our natural resource.

Thank you for your your support - by sharing our story you help us to sustain our dream.

We love our families and appreciate the chance they are giving us to live our dream so thank you Michelle, Carine, Daniel, Hedi-Lee, Jordan, Carike and Melissa for your support and help. Without you this would not be possible!

Cheers Dave & Carl